About us


Paton & Mayr Lawyers and Partners is a private law practice. Our legal team is committed to respond to the needs of our international clients in Spain.

Our team provides specialist advice on private legal issues in Spain. Our knowledge of the Spanish legal system and our enthusiasm provide the basis of the professional relationships that we maintain with our clients.

We establish a personal relationship with our clients so we can provide legal advice to suit their particular needs and requirements. We firmly believe this is the only way to achieve the mutual understanding that underpins service of the highest quality.

We have access to experienced lawyers who are duly authorised and regulated in the law which they practise.

Our Spanish network assists us to easily sort out the difficulties that can be encountered in many matters. In the majority of cases our access to this network helps us to quickly resolve our Clients’ legal issues.

We prefer to analyse the needs of our clients before taking any legal actions and we draft an extensive report recommending the most beneficial and cost saving options.